Behind The Buckley - Our Signature Jacket

So we thought we’d give all our newer followers and subscribers a bit of background on our signature jacket The Buckley and our brand Blake Hedley.
 We’re not the first and won’t be the last to make a sheepskin aviator, but here’s why we made ours and why you need one 😉

As cool as the old, military sheepskin jackets are with their worn in leather (we love all things heritage style or old), have you actually ever tried one on? We tried on a lot, and one notable characteristic of the majority is how heavy they are, it could make a small walk to the pub feel like you’ve climbed Everest Base Camp (great for burning those calories I suppose) but not the most practical 😓 Then there’s styling it...unless you’re one of the lucky few who can pull one off, it just feels/looks like you’re a kid wearing his dads/grandads ill fitting jacket that you found or got out the loft, with matted fleece and a few stains for good measure.

So, we made a start on producing our own.. We knew that we wanted to keep the classic feel of the old aviators, the simpler, the better. After all, the beauty of a leather jacket, is in the leather it’s made from, right?! Oh, and of course the fit has to be right 👌

We soon found that lambskin was a lot softer and lighter. Not to mention easier to work with, a less bulky and supple leather seemed to be ticking all the boxes.

 The last thing was to decide on the “perfect fit” but that doesn’t exist, that depends on who it’s fitting, obviously. We decided to use a blazer like system. Choose your chest size, then we tailor the length to suit your height 🙌 simple 😃
The first jacket we ever produced showed in above picture.. Fast forward 3 years and with over 1200 customers and nearly 20k followers 😬 we’re now ready to make a move Into different fabrics away from leather/sheepskin. More ‘Modern Classics’ with a heritage influence coming this spring/summer.

So, what’s stopping you investing in a Blake Hedley today? (we stock standard sizes for those lucky people who don’t need the tailored option.